sâmbătă, 26 februarie 2011 | By: cLara285

Sonnet: Only for love

At first you’ll have to believe
And then you’ll see how is to be
Unable someone to forgive
And through their heart to see.
Because if they all let you down
There’s no reason to be honest
And you’ll want to scream and shout:
“It’s not fair, I’m not the foolest!”
Then you’ll try to find someone,
To put you back on the right road
And only then you will become
Something that like a whole piece looks
      Love is not for fools, even though it hurts,
      It is just the answer, that everybody knows.

[asta a fost o tema la engleza;)):D]

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alexutza spunea...

recunosc,mi'a luat ceva pana sa descifrez scrisul ;)) dar e de'a dreptul uimitoare...felicitari poop roz

cLara285 spunea...

scrisesem cu ala in word:)si se intelegea mai bine, o sa incerc sa'l fac mai mare:)

Jigsau spunea...

tema la scoala :))?

Little leisure spunea...

wahhh tare :)):X

C.L.M. spunea...


BaiatulCuPizza spunea...
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Jigsau spunea...

daca iti povestesc toata faza raman :O :))crede'ma :P lasa-mi un i.d. sau da'mi tu add si o sa vezi :))

alex`simplY spunea...

dupa ce ca dabea se intelege mai este si in egleza :))

cLara285 spunea...

@alex`simplY ete' na.altii cum au inteles?:))

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